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The Accidental Beekeepers

Francesca our Beekeeper inspecting a hive

We started beekeeping sometime around 2010. Rob always had a desire to have a beehive, one day it happened. The fascination and intrigue took off from there and hasn't stopped. 

In 2016, when we had our first child, we found out everyone stops you and unloads advice. A random stranger stopped Francesca and the conversation turned to products we used.  They began to educate us. Living on an island sometimes your choices are limited, regardless 'mom guilt' set in. Unsatisfied and being beekeepers we already had bees wax which has beneficial properties for our skin and is a natural protectant. What wasn't obvious before was glaringly obvious now and Francesca stared to make Non-Petroleum Jelly. A few months later she began making the healing salves which worked on everything, diaper rash, cuts, bumps, bug bites and wrinkles! 

We are happy to be able to offer you a range of natural products to enhance you and your families wellbeing and give you the choice we didn't have, a natural, chemical free alternative that is simply good for you.

Feel good about supporting Bermuda Bees, the environment and yourself. 

We are small batch beekeepers and we like to keep it as natural and good for you as we can, why not let nature nurture you a little and seek out some help from the hive.

Bee Healthy. Bee Sustainable. Bee Dragon Honey.